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On this page we'll describe some of the interesting and fun activities our organization sponsors.

Recent Events
In May 2006 we had our second Team Fort Worth Cycling for Success day at the Police and Fire Dept. Training facility.  This year we presented sixty eight bikes to kids who had perfect attendance.  A number of the kids had participated in last years program, some of whom had won bikes and others had not.
In June 2006, we provided 30 volunteers to a joint effort with Repario Team Building Company.   Repario was training Big Brothers and Sisters and their recipients were little Brothers and Sisters.   Our efforts were to go over the assembled bikes and make any needed corrections before the bikes were presented to the kids.   We had a good time and seeing the excitement among the kids was truly rewarding.
The company Repario has used volunteers from other Bikes for Tykes organizations in other parts of the country.    Skip from Naples Fla. has worked with them before.

On Sept 27th we had our second work session with Repario.   This time it was at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas and we only had 44 bikes to inspect before they were given to receipients from Big Brothers and Sisters.   Below are a couple of pictures from the event.   The first is of the teams building the bikes and the second is of the entire group, bike builders and Kids, after the bikes were presented.  This is a remarkable event.   The builders don't know the kids will be there and the kids don't know they are getting bicycles.  On our photo page I have a couple of pictures of the builders and their kids



Upcoming Events
On October 14th, we will be at the Barnes and Noble at the N.E. Mall, NRH for a bike rodeo, presented by the leasing company and the NRH Police and Fire Depts.  They are expecting several hundred kids and we will be checking over the bikes to make sure they are safe and the kids have proper safety equipment.

Well we got moved to a small place in Richland Hills, Tx.   Thanks to Steve Mc Combs for making it affordable and to the stalward help of the Fort Worth Bicycling Association members who physically made it possible.   We have very limited storage so the key is quick turn-around of inventory, that or finding some additional storage.  

Pete is working with the volunteers at Arlington Urban Ministries, we may be doing some fund raising events in the near future.  We will keep this page current so please check back often.   Thank you.

We hope to update this page often with new photos.

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

Bikes for Tykes Inc, is a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization